Gautam Singh is an independent film-maker, cinematographer, writer, editor, director and a program-maker at Al Jazeera Media Network.  His films include  ‘Gaon – The Village No More’, ‘India’s Offside Girls’,  ‘Daughters of Brothel’‘The Burning City’, ‘Indian Hospital’, and ‘My Sister Laxmi’.  Currently, he lives in Doha, Qatar along with his family. 

7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi

    Is there any way to help the Bangladeshi Girl so she can get home

    May some kind of fund that she is taken care of


    1. Thanks Mohammad,

      After this film went on air on Aljazeera, Bangladeshi embassy in india got into action. They took Roma back to Bangladesh. Naseema is in constant touch with her. I am told she has been accepted by her family now. But for any further query or help you can contact Naseema at –

  2. ApKa Kam Bht khubSurt.I feel ProUd. Mere lye to aP idl ho gai.Jb aap haMare itkhori se itna a gai to mai v KrsKti hun.

  3. Hello..
    i’m barsha…. from west bengal, india. I have read an article about your film, ‘Gaon’, which insist me to write you..
    i’m a bengali lit. student, and presently doing a research on a topic, which seems so close to your thoughts in this film.
    its good to find someone with whom you can relate…. so am i right this moment.

    looking forward for the film… 🙂

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