Making a name for myself in Bollywood has been my childhood dream. I came to Mumbai in 2001 with that dream. Here I met thousands like me who had left their homes and families in search of success and stardom in the biggest film industry on Earth. But, for most, the quest leads to disappointmentContinue reading “BOLLYWOOD DREAMS”

India’s Offside Girls

A sports academy in a remote village in India’s Bihar state where girls are striving for sporting glory. Laxmipur, a remote village in India’s eastern state of Bihar, is the home of one of India’s few girls’ football teams. India’s Offside Girls, follows the team as they train at the Laxmibai Sports Club and prepareContinue reading “India’s Offside Girls”

My Own Private Bollywood

‘My Own Private Bollywood’ is done following me while I work on my debut hindi feature film GAON. GAON is inspired by the true story of my village in Jharkhand, India. Once in this remote and isolated community, villagers coexisted like members of a large extended family where they maintained a unique way of life—mellowContinue reading “My Own Private Bollywood”

Indian Hospital Revisited

India, with its 1.2 billion people, is astoundingly diverse in virtually every aspect of social life – ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class and caste. As a filmmaker, I am fascinated by my country’s ability to find harmony in so much diversity. I wanted to tell the story of an India that belongs to eachContinue reading “Indian Hospital Revisited”

How I came to make ‘Daughters Of The Brothel’

India’s handwritten magazines have long fascinated me. But while researching the subject for a blog, I came across one in particular that stood out. Jugnu is a 32-page monthly magazine that has been written and published by the sex workers of the Chaturbhuj-sthan brothel in Bihar, near the border with Nepal, for the past 10Continue reading “How I came to make ‘Daughters Of The Brothel’”